LAURA WOYASZ WILL TAKE OVER for Emily Rozek as the Glinda standby in LA. This was confirmed to me today by a current cast member on tour. We wish her luck, and we wish Emily luck, wherever she may go next!
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Me And CARMEN CUSACK!!!!! (Elphaba) She is Holding the Book I made her (Elphabook)

Me Cliffton Hall, and Deedee Magno Hall (Backstage!)

Me and Brad Weinstock (Boq)

Me and Lori Holmes (Witch's Mother, Nessarose u/s)

Me and Christopher Russo (Witch's Father, Ozian Official Dillamond u/s)

Me and Lee Wilkof (The Wizard)

Me and Meredith Kaye Clark (Elphaba u/s)

Me and Tom Flynn (Dillamond)