Dan Pacheco joins the 2nd National Tour as Boq!

Warm Welcome to WICKED's Newest Boq! Dan Pacheco joins the company tonight in Vancouver, BC! I hope lots of you get the chance to go out and see him! Congrats Dan!

Too Faced Brow Envy Palette Review

This is a video of my review on Too Faced-Brow Envy Palette.  So, if you want to see swatches, how to, and the full review, please watch my you tube video below. 

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2nd National Tour Cast is Doing Well!

Hey there, I had a few emails asking about the riots in Vancouver the other night, which partly occurred right outside the Stage Door of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Just want to inform everyone that the cast says that they all made it safely back to their hotel, and that everyone is fine! To quote David Nathan Perlow, current Fiyero : " I think it's worth noting that Vancouver as a city is not to blame in any ma...nner for what happened. If you read history or keep up with current events you know that these situations arise very frequently, and rarely are a result of the collective consciousness of a nation or city." (Posted By him to his Facebook Fanpage early yesterday evening) So, needless to say, everyone is doing well! WICKED plays in Vancouver until the 26th!

Go see Brad Weinstock in "Jersey Boys" in Vegas!

Remember this picture? :) My favorite Boq, Brad Weinstock, is joining the cast of "Jersey Boys" in Las Vegas this week, as "Joey and Others," and an understudy for Frankie Valli. I saw Brad three times as Boq in WICKED, and he is an absolutley awesome talent, as well as an incredibly nice person. If you get the chance, go see him in the show. He is phenomenal. GO BRAD!

New Excerpt from Felicia Ricci's WICKED Memoir, "Unnaturally Green!"

You can Read it Here! The Book will be published sometime later this summer! I will keep everyone posted!
Please Visit the website for the book, which Felicia updates herself Here!
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Norbert Leo Butz a Tony Winner!

Wicked's original Fiyero, Norbert Leo Butz, won a Tony Award for Best Leading Actor in a musical last night for his amazing performance in "Catch Me if You Can" which stars him, and also former Fiyero Aaron Tveit. Congratulations to Norbert, and go see the show! Norbert also won a Tony Award for his performance in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" in 2005.

"American Idiot's" Mikey Winslow will replace Adam Sanford in the Ensemble and u/s Boq

Adam Sanford, who is on the 1st Tour of WICKED in the ensemble, and understudies Boq, will leave the tour after the final performance in Omaha, replaced by American Idiot Alum Mikey Winslow! Good Luck to Adam and Mikey!

Pix my Dad took of the Gershwin

Hey Everyone! My Dad was in NYC a few weeks ago, and took two pictures of the Gershwin Theatre for me, and I thought I'd share them! :)

WICKED's Return to D.C.!

The 1st National Tour of WICKED has been running for over 6 years, and been to multiple cities, some of those cities mutiple times. Cast Members have come and gone, cities have booked 2nd, and 3rd engagements, but WICKED, until next week, will not have played at the Nation's Capitol, Washington D.C. since December-January 2005 (06). WICKED will play at the Kennedy Center for ten weeks, making this Tour stop one of the longest, if not THE longest stop the tour has ever made. Best Witches to Amanda Jane Cooper, Dee Roscioli, Colin Hanlon, Randy Danson, Mark Jacoby, Stefanie Brown, Justin Brill, Paul Slade Smith, Mariand Torres, Lauren Boyd, Rick Desloge, Emily Ferranti, Melanie Field, Luis Augusto Figueroa, Dominic Giudici, Napoleon W. Gladney, Renée Lawless-Orsini, Corey Mach, Yanira Marin, Sterling Masters, Alli McGinnis, Kevin McMahon, Christopher Russo, Adea Michelle Sessoms, Carla Stickler, Brandon Tyler, Bud Weber and Mikey Winslow, for being the first WICKED cast to Defy Gravity at the Kennedy Center since SJB and Kendra!

WICKED's current 1st National Touring

Jackie Burns, WICKED's current 1st National Touring, High Belting Elphaba, will depart the role of Elphaba after her final performance tomorrow night in Omaha, NE. Jackie replaced Donna Vivino as Elphaba on July 8th, 2010, and after 11 months on the road, she will be getting married! Congratulotions to Jackie, and to previously announced Dee Roscioli for taking over in the role! Defy Gravity to both of them!