A random piece of art

My best friend found this not even 5 minutes ago. I think you will enjoy it! It is what our bored troops do overseas! ENJOY!

Soldiers remake telephone

A new mode of transportation

So as most of you know i have been on the hunt in search of a new vehicle. I have had many possibilities, but they always turned out not how I wanted them to. I even traveled almost 2 hours away to look at a prospect. After weeks of searching and being vehicle-less I have great news! I bought a car! I was on my way back from seeing a Jetta, and I decided to look on Craigs list for more potentials. I searched and searched and I was about to give up for the day when I saw a brand new ad up. It said 2000 Hyndai Accent, so I clicked on it. There was no picture but the car had not that many miles on it, was not that expensive, was minutes away from my house, and there was also a number I could call instead of waiting for an email. I decided I would just to see if they still had it, and luckily they did. We met up an hour later so I could look at it and test drive it. It was perfect. The man wanted $1800 for it but I said I would give him $1600 cash right then and there and he agreed to that amount! I handed him the money and I filled out the bill of sale! The car was officially mine! I had just made the biggest purchase off my life up to date! Now I bet you are wondering what the car looks like. Fear not as I will show you!

Now I know it's not the Tiburon that I wanted, but this car is very economical. It's a 4 cylinder and will get great gas mileage! I am very excited for my new purchase! After all, it's just about a girl.

shawna marie

A little trip to remember

My brother graduates boot camp next week. I am really upset that I can't be there for him.So, I talked to my grandmother today and told her that I wanted to go down to see him in Georgia with her. She then replied to me with a stern "No, only your grandfather and I are going". Excuse me? My brother wanted me to pin on his blue cord at the ceremony, and now my grandfather gets to do it. I don't think so. There is no way that he deserves to do that. He has never been there for my brother, like ever. Tommy and I are very close, and for someone to tell me that I can't go down and watch him graduate boot camp just ruffles my feathers. I talk to my brother everyday, and he is really torn up that I won't be able to see him graduate. My mom said that we can plan a party for him for when he comes home. Ok, yes, I planned on doing that anyway. Ugh I just get so frustrated talking about it. I can't get over the fact that my grandfather is going to be doing something so big for my brother. Something that I was supposed to do. But everything happens for a reason, right? I can't sit here and get all bent out of shape over this anymore. It is what it is, and there's no way that I am going to be able to change it, unfortunately. So here was my rambling for the day!! It's just about a girl!

shawna marie

Things are simpler in the South

I have always said that I want to live in the South. These are some of my favorite songs and they basically sum up why I love the South and why I love Country Music!! Enjoy!

 Tim McGraw:
Where the green Grass Grows

Dixie Chicks: 
Wide Open Spaces

Jason Aldean:

She's Country

Laughed Until We Cried

Joe Nichols:one of my favorites
Gimme That Girl

Ricochet:another one of my favorites
Daddy's Money 

Kenny Chesney: I love all of these!!
I Go Back

She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy

Keg In The Closet


There Goes My Life

Down The Road

Little Big Town:

Martina McBride:
My Valentine

Independence Day

Trisha Yearwood:
She's In Love With A Boy

Miranda Lambert:

Gunpowder And Lead


Me And Charlie Talking

More Like Her

 White Liar

Dead Flowers

Lady Antebellum:my favorite!!
American Honey

 I Run To You

Need You Now

That's it for now babies!! Until next time, life is love and it's a wonderful thing!!
Shawna Marie

America the beatiful!

PFC Andrew Haley
Andrew got to MCT at Camp Lejeune, NC today. He will be there for 29 days learning about combat and really big guns. After that he is going to Pensacola, FL for job training for about 4 months. When he is there he will learn what his duty station will be, but then will also be sent to C school for more in depth job training. I wont get to see him until maybe October when he comes home after regular job training, and after that I have no idea. Its sad but I know he is doing this to serve our country and better himself! I am very happy for him. Although I will miss him, I will see him soon! Good luck Andrew!!!

UPDATE: 5/18/2010-
     Andrew graduated from MCT today. He is on a bus right now taking the 14 hour journey to Pensacola FL for his MOS. He is going to be training to be a Fixed Wing Mainframe Aircraft Mechanic. And breath, lol! Basically he will be working on the outside of airplanes. I also know that he gets to have his phone with him now, and he can write as well, so I will be hearing from him more often and I can call him! Hopefully everything goes well and I should see him in about 4 months! Good luck Andrew!!!

So if anyone knows someone in the military whether it be a friend, a spouse, or family member, take the time today to think about the good they are doing. Think about how proud of them you are. If they were KIA then think about how great of a person they were, how much you still love them, and how much they sacrificed for us. We as Americans should be thinking about our military and our freedom everyday. Not just on the over-hyped 4th of July. Our military risk their lives everyday for us, so the least we can do is think about them everyday. I know I do. Until next time bloggers!

Shawna Marie

New WICKED journey to be added later this week :)

Hi everyone! I saw WICKED for the 9th time on Saturday afternoon :) It was AMAZING of course. I did LOTS of things at WICKED that I have wanted to do for a very long time, but I will tell you more about it in the post which is located at the VERRRRY Bottom of the Page. To know when to start reading for this Particular Expierience, It starts "April 17th, 2010 9:30 am" then just keep reading! I will post it soon :)

Guns are not that bad!!

I shot this down at my dads in December and I really want to shoot it again! Its a small gun, a Rueger 22, but it's great for a small girl and her first gun!!!!!

Should I?? Should I??

This is a car that I have been wanting for a very long time, I think I should get her now that I have found her!