Product Review: Striking Skin Care

As some of you know, I’ve been consulting for a company called Helix BioMedix for almost a year now. I came here to work on a line of skin care products that the company was developing called “Striking”.
The product has a very small distribution. In fact, it’s only being sold by Gold Violin ( and Norm Thompson ( Do you ever shop either of those catalogs/sites? Neither do I. So in order to get the word out about this wonderful product, I’m blogging about it AND offering you a little incentive (if I haven’t gotten to you already).
First, let me tell you about the product: Striking is different from any other skin care products that are on the market because they contain several of Helix BioMedix’s proprietary peptides, known as SmartPeptides™ (listed in the ingredients as Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-14, Heptapeptide-7, Hexapeptide-21). These peptides have been shown to stimulate collagen and increase fibroblast proliferation to build up the extra-cellular matrix. In plain words: it makes your skin looker and feel firmer. Now there are a few products in the marketplace that contain these peptides in a few different lines, but Striking is the only line where you get three of Helix's SmartPeptides working synergistically to make your skin look amazing.
There is a Striking starter kit available at Gold Violin or Norm Thompson for $39.99 that contains:
• Rejuvenating Eye Creme with SmartPeptides™ 0.25 oz.

• Restorative Moisture Creme with SmartPeptides™ 0.5 oz.

• Multi-Peptide Serum with SmartPeptides™ .5 oz.

• Multi-Vitamin Creme Cleanser 2 oz
Or you can contact Helix BioMedix directly at 425-402-8400 or and get a price list of full size products. We’re working on an ecommerce site, so sit tight.

Now, here's the incentive part. I want to get this product into your hands, so here's how I'd like to do it: if you fill out one of the surveys below, I'll send you a sample of Striking Rejuvenating Eye Creme. If you fill both surveys I'll send you the eye creme sample AND a bonus sample of Striking Multi-Peptide Serum. The surveys are ten questions long and will take you ten minutes max. Feel free to send the links to your family and friends as well. Since the line was developed for 40+ skin, I'd love to have survey responders that are 40+. Here are the links:

Skin Care Survey


Let me know what you think about the product, Your feedback is always welcomed!

teal wicks off for another week?

I was informed by a cast member in the SF company that Teal Wicks would be back on Tuesday, but Apparently plans changed since I was informed, I guess she took off another week... but that post that I made earlier goes for when she comes back. :)

Teal Wicks, the powerhouse Elphaba in San Fransisco's WICKED is back after over a month of vocal rest, away from the role of Elphaba. Teal's Standby, Vicki Noon, has covered her for the past couple of weeks, with Merideth Kaye Clark and Dee Roscioli coming over to help out, assuming the role of standby while Vicki was on for so long. Angel Reda, I believe also performed a few times. Props to all 5 of them, Teal for coming back so wonderfully, Merideth for Leaving the tour to help out, then returning to the tour, Dee for taking her own time to come and help, Angel for coming in when needed, Vicki for beeing a trooper for the last couple of weeks, and Stephanie Torns for covering Donna Vivino while Merideth was away. You al Rock! Thanks for keeping SF strong!

The long awaited solo album of SJB!

Stephanie J. Block, the original National touring Elphaba, and ptrevious Broadway Elphaba, will be releasing a solo album on June 2nd, 2009. She is currently starring as Judy Bernly in 9 to 5 the Musical on Broadway at the Marriot Marquis theatre in Times Sqare. She is joined by former Glinda Megan Hilty, and about 12 previous WICKED ensemble members.