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Striking is tweeting now on Twitter. Go to and become a follower.

Truthfully, I'm a little skeptical of Twitter on a personal basis, mostly cause I just don't get it, my life really isn't that exciting and because I don't have a lot of friends that use it yet (with the exceptions of my friends Amy and PJ who tweet all day long). However, from a business point of view, I'm looking at the Striking Twitter page as a way to get out information quickly to Striking fans and to give you all a "skin care tip of the day".

Despite the fact that we don't have a website, we continue to get orders (and reorders) from friends that we marketed to directly via facebook and customers who originally purchased the travel kit from Gold Violin and Norm Thompson. We're working diligently on the website. In fact, I should be editing the large packet of website copy on my desk, rather than writing on my blog. Guess that's my cue to sign off.


This would be perfect when I finally start freelancing!


Sleep is calling!


Wendy Darling


I need em...

I can do different colors and styles to my hearts content but it might not be what YOU want to see... are there any looks you might want to see? Any techniques that you would like me to show you? I am diggin theme stuff so maybe a theme idea?


P.S. I was lazy today... I was off, and tired, so I slept most of my day... yay for wasting time =/

Oh my FEET!

Someone remind me again why I decided that a retail job, during one of the biggest sales, in the summer wasn't going to kill me? SRSLY!

New makeup looks coming soon! I revamped the duckie and wore this version to work yesterday... today I had to be there at 10 so that meant barely even putting on foundation LOL... I sweated it all off taking out the trash this morning anyway =/

new duckie :)

Off tomorrow... plan on more looks!


Wendy Darling

Daily Booth

I think it was one of the gurus I follow on YouTube and Twitter who posted a pic on Dailybooth to which I promptly clicked on and thought it was a genius idea! Take a picture daily! It's sort of like a 365 thingy which I've always wanted to do but have been too lazy HAHA well I decided that I'd start on June 1st... SO, I did :)

Jason - you should join and try to post a pic daily... we can't see each other every day and I think this would be interesting to see what we come up with in pics... something silly, something funny... maybe we are sad missing each other that day or something... either way, I can see your face DAILY on a computer screen instead of in my text inbox on my cell... which, lets face it, is a POS! LOL...

Jess, Abby, Misti, Connie, Angela - If you think it's a cool idea (why wouldn't you? of course it is!) then join too! I'd love to see your faces as well hehe...

Mine is going to be a compilation of three things... makeup, pics for Jason and randomness at it's best :) even if you DON'T want to join, you should at least tune in to see the pic of the day hehe!

Here is my dailybooth ~~> you gotta click it... before you... oh! hehe...what?

Here is the look I did today based on the mass amount of DUCKS Bath & Body Works chose for their Semi-Annual sale, which started today, and they are on EVERYTHING! Flyers, bags, merch... etc!
Not the actual duck in the ads... for obvious reasons LOL...

Probably going to call it an early night and try to catch some ZzZzzZ's


Wendy Darling

Hi there!

Ok so this has done a complete 180 hehe and I'm happy for that, I deleted all of my old blogs because that person has long been gone since February 9th, 2009 when I met my perfect boyfriend Jason :) *cheeeeeeeese* I know... going to make all of you readers sick hehe!

Better than the stuff I was writing about that's for sure ;)

Anyway... I'm here to write about MAKE-UP! Ahhhh... yes... my true love (sorry Jason haha) but no really... my best friend woke my demon up and after a brief period of being in a standstill, I'm back and focused more than ever!

I will be attending a school here in Sugar Land that focuses just on makeup instead of a cosmetology class that focuses mainly on that with a little makeup artistry on the side... I can't wait! Then I will get my actual cosmetology license because, lets face it, it's been a LONG time coming right?

Once that happens and I have extra money (wishful thinking on my part? LOL) I will start building my kit and freelancing *squeee* I already have quite a few lovely friends of mine that want me to do their makeup for weddings, events, etc... and I can't wait to do so! I will be even MORE stoked when I have a great foundation and more techniques under my belt!

If you stumbled upon my blog by accident, WELCOME and if I pretty much told you I would disown you if you didn't follow me and that's why you are here... then, WELCOME! hehe... I love you guys!

I need more followers because I need more suggestions, requests and input from YOU GUYS! Spread the word will ya? I am trying to build up my portfolio along with making new friends and clients and I can't do it alone :)

Thanks for reading and checking me out!


Wendy Darling