Who doesn't want to look like Audrey Hepburn?

I can vividly remember my childhood years, I knew then how to appreciate beauty woman like Audrey Hepburn, though I only saw her at movie skits of Breakfast at Tiffany's, magazines and beauty websites. She epitomizes simplicity of beauty combined with a soulful heart. With her exuberant confidence, cheery, kind, intelligent and graceful attitude... I knew then that she would be one of my inspiration ^-^

Who doesn't want to look like Audrey Hepburn? - So here, with a simple makeup technique I had my version of her. I know obviously that I can never be her - her skin, nose, facial structure... but I know somehow I have one quality that makes me her.. the Passion in doing what I always loved to do. You can read her biography at Audrey Hepburn's official site at http://www.audreyhepburn.com.

And we also have Audrey Hepburn look alike here in the Philippines, a popular actress, kind, sweet and pretty - Donita Rose. She was born in Utah, U.S. and moved to the Philippines when she was five years old. She used to be a VJ in MTV Asia and one of my favorites, watch her old videos in youtube, and you'll know how natural, outstanding and vibrant she is as one.

Separated at Birth?

Mission Makeup Look: Audrey Hepburn
Product Used: Coastal Scents 78 pc Palette

1. A.H. is known to have heavy eyebrows, so I used a truffle or dark brown shadow and applied it heavier than my usual eye brow.

2. I apply a midtone in a medium brown peach-gold about a shade or two darker than my natural skin tone to the crease and then Define the bottom lashes with an eyeliner brush with the same color.

3. I apply highlight shade in a matte vanilla color to the brow bone and lid of the eye.

4. I used a gel-liner to line line the top lid and sweeping it up in the outward corner. Make sure to go from thin to thick as you go to the outside corner of the eye. This will give you the “cat-eyed” look.

5. I put the a highlight shade in a shimmery vanilla color to highlight the inside corer of my eyes.

6. Then I apply a soft pink shade of blush to the apple of my cheeks.

7. For my lips, applied almost peach-red mix to achieve lips I copied on the picture below.

Audrey Hepburn's makeup style is simple, clean and a focus on the eye. Keeping the rest as simple as possible.

A genuine smile can make a good outfit look great. Audrey Hepburn had a natural equilibrium, a confident and happy attitude towards life and a generosity towards those around her. She knew that, no matter what clothes one had in the closet, beauty starts from within.

Graceful, confident, cheery, intelligent, beautiful, kind – these are all words that are often used to describe Audrey Hepburn. No wonder decades of women have been inspired by her unique character. Who doesn’t want to look like Audrey?

Read more at Suite101: Audrey Hepburn Fashion Tips: Dress Like the Breakfast at Tiffany's Actress and Style Icon http://womensfashion.suite101.com/article.cfm/audrey_hepburn_fashion_tips#ixzz0j0EhHxhe

the list goes on..

A nice potato salad for hot summer days, just like grandma used to make...

Potato Salad

4 large potatoes, any kind will do
2 hard boiled eggs, cooked and chopped
2 stalks of celery, diced fine
1/4 c onion, diced
1 cup miracle whip or 1 c regular mayo mixed with 1 T sugar/splenda
1 T yellow mustard
1 T white vinegar
salt and pepper to taste

Mix together and chill at least 2 hours to blend flavors. Taste after 2 hours and season accordingly with more salt, pepper or sugar.


Homemade biscuits!


2 c flour
1 T baking powder
1/2 t salt
1 T sugar
1/4 c butter, cold
3/4 c milk

Place the flour, baking powder and salt into a large bowl and stir or whisk together. Add the butter in pieces (I grate mine with a cheese grater) and 'cut in' until crumbly using your fingers. Stir in the sugar and add the milk all at once. Mix with a fork until it holds together. Remove the dough and pat into a 1 inch high rectangle or circle with your hands on a lightly floured surface. Using a biscuit cutter or a circle cookie cutter cut straight down, do not twist! You can use a knife and slice the dough into squares if you don't have a cutter. Place on an ungreased pan. Brush with melted butter if you prefer and bake 12-15 minutes at 450.

These biscuits are so tender they can wrapped and reheated the next day.


A little dip goes a long way!

 Onion ring/petal dip

If you are serving onion rings or petals in your house any time soon, make this dip first! Similar to the kind you'll taste if you order a Bloomin Onion, it's so good you might never want to serve onion rings without it.

1/2 c regular mayonnaise
2 t ketchup
2 T Kraft horseradish sauce
1/3 t paprika
1/4 t salt
dash of oregano, black pepper and cayenne pepper

Mix and refrigerate it for at least an hour before serving but it's even better the next day.


You can have your cake and eat it too!


1 dark chocolate devils food cake mix (brand name, not store brand)
1 1/4 c water
3 eggs
1/2 c canola oil

Make the cake according to directions and bake in (2) 8 or 9 inch round pans. Follow the timing on the box (averages 32 minutes). Let cool completely. Slice the tops off to make them completely flat and even.


1 cup sugar
6 oz. evaporated milk
1/2 c butter
1 T vanilla
2/3 c shortening
1/8 t salt

1 container store bought dark fudge frosting

Beat the filling ingredients until light and fluffy. With a Kitchen Aid mixer this only takes about 3 minutes. With a hand held it may take up to 7-8 before it comes together. Spread the filling over the cooled cake and top with the second cake. Press down lightly to flatten and make even.

Microwave the frosting for about 20 seconds until it's pourable. Drizzle the frosting over the sides and then pour 1/2 - 3/4 on top. Smooth with a butter knife, spatula or frosting knife.

Cover loosely and refrigerate at least 24 hours.



This is a very simple yet yummy recipe I just found!!

12-16 oz. leftover cooked salmon OR 1 can salmon
2 eggs
10-20 saltine crackers
salt and pepper

Mix together the salmon, eggs and enough crushed crackers to hold shape. Salt and pepper to taste. Shape into a large walnut sized ball and smash into a patty. Place on plastic wrap or foil and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes till firm.

Fry each patty in a thin layer of oil over medium high heat until golden brown on each side. Drain on paper towel or napkin covered plate and serve hot with your choice of a sauce or tartar sauce.


its like music to my ears

I think it's safe to say that I will probably be blogging everyday because I have nothing else better to do. So today is my birthday, I don't feel any different. Should I? Should I be scared that I am getting old? Yea I know I'm only 22, but come on, I still feel like I am 17. I'm 22 and have yet to find a real life goal. This sucks lol. I know what I want to be, but I don't think I will ever get it. My friend Jenn and I desperately want to be housewives, chyeaaa like that'll happen. I honestly don't want to work, like ever. Working was never for me. I have always had a hard time keeping a job, mostly because I can't find one thing that I really truly want to do. Or even that I love. Yes I love baking, but I can do that out of my house. I don't think that I need to have a real job. I honestly just dislike my line of work right now. I love helping people, so it might just be the crappy company I work for. Plus, I can't seem to find a good nursing job anywhere. I am getting a total of 3 hours of work a week. 3 hours. How am I supposed to live on that? I went from full time to barely part time. It may just be me having a huge lack of motivation why I don't want to work. But, seriously, how am I supposed to be motivated to work if I'm only working 3 hours a week? I shouldn't even be getting out of bed for that. I called my supervisor today and she said that she is unhappy with me, that I havn't been putting in any hours. Excuse me, but I call every single day looking for work, and they sit there and say that they have none. It's not my fault that I am not working. It's the company's fault because they pick favorites. When I started working with this company they promised that after I work 3 months for them that I was guaranteed 35 hours a week. I have been working for them for almost a year, and I am certainly not getting 35 hours.  not even a quarter of that many hours. Ever since I got hurt at work and went back they have been nothing but complete A-holes to me. They know that I have rent and other bills to pay, and yet they still don't give me the hours I was promised. Honestly, I really need to work if I want to stay living here and not at my parents. I feel like a huge bum not working. I filed for unemployment so hopefully I will get that. Ehhhhhhhh well I think that is enough complaining on my birthday! Until next time babies!! Life is love, and it's a wonderful thing.

Shawna Marie

I almost forgot. So after taking my anger out on my laptop keys the other day, I found some peace, as I always do. Of course it's always in the form of music. So I am sitting there, recapping the past few nights as they were beyond crazy, and I remember someone telling me their favorite band, The Early November. Unsure of what to expect I amused my self with a bunch of downloads. Sitting there waiting for these songs to download, I remember that this is basically how I discover new favorite bands of mine. I am either sad and disillusioned, or angry and receptive, and I scour the internet in search of great bands. Although this band I did not find myself, once I hit play on the first song, i was in love! 

 listening to Sunday Drive by The early November

 Almost instantly a sense of happiness and calm came over me. I was not mad anymore, instead I was set into another euphoria. Then came the second song that I downloaded, Take Time And Find, lovee it! I absolutely love the guitars and above all else I love the drums. I am def a sucker for bad ass drumming!  This song just felt right to me.  As did all the other songs I downloaded. I will def be keeping this stuff on my iphone and listening to it daily! Thanks Crimes.

DIY eyeshadow primer

Yesterday I made a blog about finding a cheaper eyeshadow primer, as an alternative to the pricey ones so I found Sheryl Ng's channel in youtube and thought to give it a try. If you are a self-starter in learning makeup artistry, you will be needing a good eyeshadow primer to make your eye shadow lasts longer - it will serve as a good base in putting your eye shadow. I read a lot of good reviews about Urban Decay Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Those are really great buys, but I am still at the moment of practicing different makeup techniques and I thought that making an eye shadow primer by yourself is more practical than buying. So here's the version of my eyeshadow primer.

I needed only two products in making the primer:
- Concealer or Foundation or it could be combination of both.
- Body Butter (any brand would do)

So just have to mix both products using a toothpick in a small, clean empty jar. I bought one from Watsons, I bought the stackable, and it costs me only P59.75 ($1.30) or you can just use a small emptied jar that you had from your other products, a medicine pill kit would work too!

Voila! I have an eyeshadow primer in a minute! Did I mention that UDPP and Too Faced Eyeshadow Primer would costs you around P1000 (around $17-$20)???

Well, see how it turned out when I swatched it on my arm... Those light shades of colors are the ones without an eyeshadow primer and the ones that are highly-pigmented are with the self-made eyeshadow primer.

So you really have to work on finding ways that will work for you. If you are on a tight budget and still practicing makeup by yourself..you may do this. But I would prefer the branded eye shadows on special events that will require long hours and exposure to lights and cameras.

-Inspired by Sheryl Ng-

Makeup Look # 2: Hot Pink and Lime Green Leopard Print Eyes

I used the eyeshadow primer that I made, and I was quite happy how it turned out on my eyes. It made the colors pop! Though the product (CS eyeshadow) is highly-pigmented, you really need a primer to have the eyeshadow lasts longer. It helps the shadow not to crease on your lids. You can check on my blog, how I did the eyeshadow primer.

Excuse my lighting pls... ^---^ I don't have those flashy cameras and I am the only one who took the pictures in our room.

For the eye makeup, I use the coastal scents palette - the lime green, gel liner to line my eyelids, light lip color and the blush was a hot pink with a purple undertone on my cheeks.

I really enjoyed doing this, especially the combination of colors (hot pink and lime green). Project and Emote!

Makeup Look #1: Skittles Inspired

I used here:
*Coastal Scents*
78 pc palette
contouring makeup
lip color

This is the first look that I thought is appropriate so that I could try on the different colors on the palette (basic makeup set that I just bought from a local seller). So far as my first application, I was quite happy that the reviews on it were true. The eye shadows are highly-pigmented, I didn't even have an eye shadow primer on there!

I'll try to posts fairly enough looks using the product, so I get to see the different ways on how I can use those 78 colors hee-hee-hee!

By the way, it was also inspired by makeup geek Marlena on makeupgeek.tv. I liked her tutorials and you can also watch her through her channel in youtube. So there, I hope you liked it. Thank you ^--^ see you soon!

Finding an alternative for pricey eye shadow primers

I've heard a lot about Urban Decay's Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance and was adamant to buy it because they are pricey for me at the moment, since I am still practicing makeup on my own. But I know in time that I'll have to buy those. For the meantime, while finding a cheaper shadow primers, I find my way through Sheryl Ng's channel in youtube. She made a video on how to make eyeshadow primer. I don't know if she is the first one to posts such kind..? but I searched it on youtube and she was the oldest to posts (but if you found the oldest that's good too! researching really helps your inquisitive mind ryt?!).

So, since I am kinda new to this shadow primer thing and quite surprised that you can actually use a concealer mixed with a body butter (or moisturizer instead) to make a primer of your eye shadow..? Isn't that a saver - saviour? ^_^

Well enough of my blabbing...so here.

She have these ready:
-Empty Jar (like the size of an empty small mineral makeup jar)
-White Body Butter

Here's how she did the primer:
Put the concealer into the empty jar, I'd think half of the empty mineral jar - just enough to fill it in with the body butter. Then, put some body butter and mix it into the concealer. Mix it well with a toothpick.

So there! You have your cheap shadow primer that you can basically find the 2 main products on your makeup kit.

You can also watch the video of of her making this on http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=pincstuff#p/u/62/AYcGm7S6jcY

I may have to buy those pricey primers to have a hands on comparison on this DIY shadow primer...but Sheryl Ng (the one who made the video) swatched it on her hand and showed how it turned out using an Urban Decay Primer Potion, the DIY shadow primer and just the basic application of an eyeshadow without a primer. It turns out that the DIY shadow primer shows almost the same as the UDPP. But personally I want to use the DIY shadow primer on my daily makeup look not and on special occasions like weddings. I guess if you just run out of product it will be an alternative way and if you are on a low budget, for a moment, you may opt to use this DIY shadow primer as an alternative.

It's actually 3:30am and still in front of my computer, haven't sleep yet. I just finished watching like 10-12 of her videos...! (got hooked up) So.. I'll sleep first and try to do this DIY shadow primer later in the morning. And write on my thoughts about it. Ohhh... still can't stop thinking on buying the UDPP and Too Faced Shadow Primer...! Hee-hee-hee! but I gotta try this first!

Dream Big

Don't be afraid to dream big. Find something you love & do it w/ passion. Believe in yourself & never give up - Sheryl Ng (22 y.o. 5 yr Visual Arts & Education student, Owner-http://pincstuff.com, makeup guru, teacher)

I was inspired by her, she's an artist, juggling tasks in finishing school making sure she finishes her course and finished it in the dean's honor list while running her personalized business - by personalized i mean she does all the aspects of it - handmade prodts, delivery, purchasing, accounting, PR & cust service), she manages to posts and share her passion. i tried to watch 2 or 3 or her videos...now I am trying to watch all of her posts. Greatest inspiration: Vincent Van Gogh - we all knw that Gogh didn't sold any of his art pieces not until he died, so Sheryl was inspired to keep on going & never give up on her dreams despite of the challenges & critics that may come along the way. Despite of her young age, she manages to do all of the things she loved. Time management is the KEY accdg to her. Visit her website @ http://www.pincstuff.com or you can watch her @ youtube - http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=pincstuff#g/u

Alice in Wonderland and Ben Nye

I admired all the cast and crews behind Alice in Wonderland for a job well done, not with how the movie turned out, (since I haven't seen it yet ^-^) rather how they did on the makeup and the art production per se. The picture says a thousand words, impressive I must say! I can't keep my eyes off the posters, it tickles your fancy when you get to see those kind of works of art.. It's no joke to put makeups to achieve the characters of Alice and her childhood friends: the White Rabbit, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Dormouse, the Caterpilar, the Cheshire Cat, the Red Queen and of course the Mad Hatter. Kudos to the great contributions of the makeup artists! The movie won't be that exceptional without your craftsmanship.

When I saw the pictures of the artists, it reminded me of one of the greatest makeup artist I look up to - Ben Nye. He was a renowned makeup artist for the Hollywood film industry for over four decades, from the 1930s to the early 1980s. He worked for such films as Gone with the Wind (1939), The King and I (1956), Planet of the Apes (1968) and many more. Ben Nye has established a name in the makeup industry especially in theatre arts, film, television and print. Their wide array of makeup lines and are best appreciated in theatre and film because of the excellent quality of their makeups. Just look at the picture below how wonderful their product is.

Here are other pictures I got from the 2007 Ben Nye Catalog:

Also found these Alice in Wonderland inspired makeups from different makeup brands. Paul and Joe have them for a limited edition, while Urban Decay gave it a little adult-like look but still manage to keep it nice and cute.

Looking back on the makeup of the characters done in Alice in Wonderland movie, made me think that somehow the artists was inspired too by Ben Nye's contribution in the field of makeup artistry. That maybe some of the artists who did the makeup are the product of Ben Nye's mentoring and training. They are passionate on showing how good they are in their craft. It made me realized that maybe my admiration of Ben Nye's will reflect in my craft in time.

Flip flops..i think yes!

     ehhh ehhh ehhh. What is life doing to me these days? Some days  feel so powerful, others I feel so useless and alone. Everything has been such a mess lately. My truck is constantly breaking down, and I just got a ticket to boot. I haven't been getting any hours at work so I applied for unemployment. Family has been quite crappy also. My parents actually told me that they want to see me fail. My dad, who lives in North Carolina, is the only one who has been giving me any support these days. He wasn't there for me when I was growing up, and even if he is trying to make up fir it now, he sure does give me the confidence and advice I need. I told my mom that I a changing my career and going back to school for what I really want to do, baking, and she laughed in my face. My mom and I used to be best friends, and for her to laugh at my dream is very saddening. I have only one other person besides me dad that gives me all the support and love I need, and that is my best friend Alaura. 

     Alaura just moved into my apartment, and I am so thankful she has. She also has quite the same deal with her parents as I do, and I think thats what makes us such good friends. We give each other support. I used to have one other person i felt this way about, they guy I mention in all my other blogs. I haven't heard anything, and everyone is telling me to move on. I have this feeling like I really should, but then theres always that what if. What if he comes home and wants me back. what happens if I am dating someone new? Will I then lose him forever? What happens if he comes home and wants nothing to do with me? Will I have then wasted my time waiting for him and missing out on other opportunities? i just miss everything about him. I miss all the little things. Like him driving with his hand resting on my knee singing country songs off key. The way I would fall asleep in his arms and the last thing I would hear was his heartbeat against my cheek. I am so stuck in the middle. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. Well I am going to stop babbling for right now and I will write more later.

Shawna Marie

Passionate about MAKEUP in 2010

I don't know if the year of the tiger has anything to do with my goal setting. I decided to pursue on something I always wanted to do. This 2010, I aim to get serious on my passion in makeup artistry. Since I have a strong desire to help people look and feel their best, I thought that this is a great sign that makeup artistry is the right choice for me. I am channeling my direction towards looking for a lucrative part-time hobby that allows me to express my creativity while helping people.

I've always loved makeup and have found myself drawn to the beauty pages in the fashion magazines. I would like to focus my career on makeup artistry.The good thing about makeup artists is that they love their jobs. They rarely regret choosing this creative, challenging and often well paid job. I envy them since they have the opportunity to work alongside highly skilled and often famous people. They get to collect a wide array of beauty high end products. To add, they also travel internationally and enjoy a high degree of control, of where and when they work. They are appreciated as people. As makeup artists you will be appreciated for your contributions since they are involved in the most important days of people's lives.

Hey this is what I always wanted to do!
Rewarding job with flexible hours. Freedom of being your own boss and I take things at my own pace. I will be working with people. My creativity will be at work all the time. Helping people bring out their best and conceal their less than best. Making people feel good about themselves is one of the most rewarding aspects of makeup artist's job.

So here, you can see articles, pictures and videos on makeup and anything that has to do with it. I will share my experiences as I go through my course in studying makeup artistry. I am no expert, I am a self-starter but I aim to be one soon.

Vicki and Marcie to Switch Places!

Vicki Noon will Replace Marcie Dodd as Elphaba at a Date TBA, and Marcie Dodd will replace Eden Espinosa as Elphaba on June 28th in San Francisco. Good Luck!