Kristin Chenoweth to Guest Judge on American Idol

Original, Tony Winner Glinda, Kristin Chenoweth will guest judge on American Idol Next week in Orlando, Joining Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi and Simon Cowell for the Week of Auditions (which is probably the most important week of the whole proscess haha ) to give the "Veto" or the "Yes!" Tune in next week to watch Kristin!

Marcie Dodd is Not Injured

Hey Everyone, just wanted to make a qucik post about a rumor that has been spread around the internet. Marcie Dodd is NOT injured, Anne Brummel is NOT currently Serving as the Standby, and Carrie Manolakos is NOT playing Elphaba for "a few months"

However, Anne Brummel will make her Elphaba Debut on tuesday, so if you are in Austun TX or Near Austin TX, go see her!!

My 100th Post!!!!

Well, It's here! after 2 years, I have finally made 100 posts!! Also, to let everyone know, I am seeing Wicked again on tour in Cleveland...
Which Brings me to a new announcement... The New Glinda on the 1st National Tour of Wicked will be Chandra Lee Schwartz!

Erin Mackey and Michelle Federer to join Broadway Company of Wicked

Erin Mackey, the Chicago and LA star of WICKED will return to the role of Glinda, this time on BROADWAY, on August 11, also, some more exciting news, Michelle Federer, the original Nessarose, will RETURN to the role of Nessarose on Broadway starting August 18.