New Wicked Expiriences!

Hey Ya'll! :) Two New Expeirences have been adde at the very bottom of the page.
Sunday, February 8, 2009
Tuesday February 10, 2009

Alli, and Nicole were SENSATIONAL. Aaron Tveit did a fantastic job.
On Sunday, the day I stage doored before the show, but did not see it, you'll never beleive what hapened AGAIN... I wont say anymore, but let you read about it :)

2nd National Tour Cast confirmed

Elphaba- Marcie Dodd
Glinda- Helene Yorke,
Fiyero- Colin Donnell,
Nessarose- Kristine Reese,
Boq- Ted Ely,
Dillamond-David DeVries,
The Wizard- Tom McGowan,
Mme. Morrible- Marilyn Caskey,
s/b for Elphaba-Carrie Manolakos

will lead the 2nd National Tour of WICKED
Monkeys, Citizens of the Emerald City, Students,

Meredith Akins, Alicia L. Albright, Kerry Blanchard, Anne Brummel, Jeremy Duvall, Peter C. Ermides, Ryan Patrick Farrell, Jenn Furman, Jacqueline Graziano, Charles Hagerty, Todd Hanebrink, Gregory Haney, Zach Hanna, Lauren Linville, Michelle London, Shylo M. Martinez, Nathan Peck, Casey Quinn, Don Richard, Libby Servais, Daniel Torres, Nicky Venditti, Erin Wilson and Kevin Samual Yee.

2nd Nat'nl TOUR SCHEDUELE as of Now:

Fort Myers, Florida, (March 7-March 29), Birmingham, Alabama (April 3-19); Jacksonville, Florida (April 23-May 10); Norfolk, Virginia (May 13-31); Indianapolis, Indiana (June 3-12); Memphis, Tennessee (July 15-August 9); Tulsa, Oklahoma (July 15-August 9); Austin, Texas (August 12-30); Nashville, Tennessee (September 2-20); Des Moines, Iowa (September 23-October 18) and Wichita, Kansas (October 21-November 8).
More tour stops will be announced in the future.

1st National tour schedule for 2009

There is Apparently tons of confusion about the two tours, because the website does not clarify. here are the cities for the 1st National tour for the rest of the year.

Appleton, Portland, Salt Lake City, Omaha,
San Antonio, Tempe, San Diego, Seattle, Denver, Cleveland, Providence.

(I don't have dates yet.) Hopefully this clears up any confusion.