Kim Kardashian Inspired Smoldering Smoky Eye Look

This smoldering smoky eye tutorial look is inspired by the lovely, and fashionable, Kim Kardashian.  So, Enjoy Doll!! 

To start this sexy, bombshell look, I primed my entire eye area with Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

Then, to get a even smokier eye look, I applied MAC's Fluidline in Blacktrack as a base on my eyelid & lower lash line.  Using my MAC 217 brush I blended Blacktrack into my outer crease.

With my MAC 239 brush i patted MAC's Carbon eyeshadow on top of the Blacktrack on my lid & lower lash line.

Then, using my Sigma E25, I blended Satin Taupe into my outer crease & lower lash line.

Next, I highlighted my brow & my inner eye corners with MAC's Vanilla eyeshadow.

Then, I lined my upper lash line & water line with Make Up For Ever Aqua Eye Liner in black.

Lastly, I generously added Dior's Diorshow Blackout Mascara.

*False lashes optional!/amandasmakeup



Boys will be boys

Last night I accompanied Matt to his band practice and decided I would bring my laptop with me. I was fiddling around on it for a while, when I thought to organize all my pictures. I like order, and when I saw the folders in disarray I told myself I would not stop until it was finished, or so I thought. I was in the middle of fixing this clutter when Brian and Quinn, two of Matt's friends, asked why I was always on the computer. I explained that this time I was organizing pictures, and that every other time I am writing in my blog. They then proceeded to make fun of me for about two minutes and said I should blog about them. I whipped out the notepad on my laptop and started typing what they told me to type. This is what they said verbatim:

" I must blog about Brian and Quinn. I must blog about their political views, which are non existent. They have sweet shoes. Brian wears his gym clothes to band practice. He does not wash these said gym clothes. Quinn thinks that women's pumas are gnarly. Gnarls Barkley. They think that whales are mammals. Mandibles. Masticate. Kangaroos can not hop backwards. Clown fish can change sexes. And, Everybody Loves Raymond."

I don't even know what to say after that. I will just say that this is a blog post. Stay tuned for more recipes, adventures, and inspirations!

In a Minor State of Nostalgia...

For just a moment, hopefully a long one, a jog down Memory Lane.

It's difficult for me to fathom that 15 years have passed since the days when trying new recipes on our Easy Bake Ovens and playing endless MASH games were daily priorities of my friends and mine. Our primary concerns were determining which friend got to "be" Baby or Posh Spice, which boy was the cutest, who would be joining the town cheerleading team in the summer and who would be the first to have a bra.

A few other things that came to me, for the record,
-Disney movies (Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Lion King, Aladdin, and 101 Dalmations, top 5)
-Backstreet Boys/N'sync/Spice Girls/LFO/Hanson
-Nerf Footballs, Barbies, Pokemon, Pogs, Furbys, Nintendo, Gigapets
-Playing Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Donkey Kong, Pokemon and Pogs with my brothers
-Being a proud member of West Warwick Cheerleading Team and seeing who got to yell the cutest players name and number out, I always got my brothers :(
-Fantasy syncronized swimming in gram's pool
-The Maise Quinn grass at recess trying to build that ultimate cheerleading pyramid
-The Horgan playground after school (the metal enclosed slides, the bridge, the parallel bar that Cheryl always used because she was a gymnast, the "big" swings, the splinters)
-Going to Roller Magic and playing spin the bottle
-Putting on gymnastic "shows" after school, even though we only did cartwheels and forward rolls
-Snapping each others bra in Mr. Driscoll's science class, and actually breaking Vanessa's
-Those MASH games that determined if you were to be poor and have 30 kids or not
-Going to Gelina's in Coventry to get ice cream was such a treat
-Getting voted student of the month wasn't such a nerdy thing, it was cool

Being a kid was awesome, that's the long and short of it. You didn't care how much the heating bill was, who the President was, or when taxes were due. All you cared about was waiting at the lunch table to see if you got that lucky sticker under your tray, how many books you could add to your list to get free pizza at Pizza Hut (without actually reading the books), and when you were going to get to go on a field trip.

We all have so many memories of our childhoods and when you get to thinking about it, it can quickly become overwhelming. At the same time, while we retain so many stories from the past, there is also so much that doesn't come back to you.

Sometimes I wish we had the capacity to remember every single thing that has ever happened or will happen in our lifetime. It would be cool to see software developed in the future that can be installed into our brains at birth and act as a storage space, like a drive on a computer, i.e : Life of Shawna Marie Spencer

Life of Shawna Marie Spencer:\Childhood\1997\September\Saturday the 24th\12:25:45 pm

You would probably find in that folder the memory of my mother, my step father and myself driving in his red and white Chevy Bronco, windows down, to The Big Y in Connecticut just because. You would find me in the backseat staring endlessly at the beauty outside, the trees, the grass, the blue sky and the big white puffy clouds. We would just drive there, using all the back roads of course, walk around for a while, and drive back home. We wouldn't even purchase anything. Oh how I miss those Saturday drives. Things were a lot simpler then.

Me being me, and thinking the world is going to end tomorrow, I feel as though the government has already prototyped these instruments and are using them on our soldiers. Oy vey.

OK, this is the point where I stop my rambling and call this a blog post! Let's make a toast to all of our childhood memories, to the one's we'll never forget! Cheers!

Wearable Blue Cat Eye Tutorial Look

This wearable blue cat eye tutorial is a tribute to Memorial Day.

It is extremely easy to accomplish.  And uses very few products to achieve. Enjoy!!
First, I primed my entire eye area with Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.  Then, applied Make Up For Ever's Aqua Cream, in #4 (which is a white), to my eyelid and blended it out.

The two eye shadows I used for this look, are from the Too Faced Smokey Eye Palette.  I used the Blue-Midnight, and the white-Cream.

With my Sigma 239 brush, I patted Cream on to my eyelid.  Working it all the way up to my eyebrow.

Then, using my MAC 266 brush I lined my upper lash line with Midnight, I made about a medium size line.  Because I added a thin line of Buxom Leatherette Lashliner on top of the Midnight.

Still using my MAC 266 brush, I started at my outer crease connecting it to  where I ended lining my upper lash line. 

Then, starting at the crease again, I brushed Midnight into my crease and lid a little less then half way.  Which causes the cat eye look.

Blend out any harsh lines.

I lined my waterline with MUFE's Aqua Eyes black eyeliner.

Lastly, I curled my eyelashes and added Dior Diorshow Mascara.!/amandasmakeup

Dee Roscioli will replace Jackie Burns as Elphaba this Summer!

Dee Roscioli has (unofficially) announced on her fanpage that she will be replacing Jackie Burns on the 1st National Tour of WICKED. Rumors that Dee will only be a temporary Elphaba to placehold the next one have been neither confirmed or denied. Dee began her time in WICKED in January 2006 when she replaced Kristy Cates as the Standby for Elphaba in the Chicago Production of the musical. She then replaced Kristy as leading Elphaba on December 10th, 2006, and played the role opposite Erin Mackey and Kate Fahrner until June 1st, 2008. She returned to the role of Elphaba in Chicago on August 26th 2008 after a brief vacation, and closed the Chicago company on January 25th 2009. Dee once again returned to the role of Elphaba's standby in early 2009 in the San Francisco company while (current Broadway Elpahaba) Teal Wicks was recovering from vocal issues. She then went on to replace Nicole Parker in the Broadway Production in July 2009, and left the role, replaced by Mandy Gonzalez, on March 21, 2010. Dee will be the first Elphaba to come to the First National Tour of WICKED directly from the Broadway Company since Shoshana Bean in 2006. Best Witches Dee!

Steak 'n taters!

While Matt and I were shopping for dinner a few nights ago, he decided he wanted to make Teriyaki Sirloin Steak Tips one night. He likes anything teriyaki and is in love with this Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki Sauce. Now because we were going to be eating steak, we needed some starch to go along with it. I thought what better to pair the sirloin tips with than homemade mashed potatoes. I also had a craving for sauteed/caramelized onions and decided I would make those as well. Here is what we did:

     Teriyaki Sirloin Steak Tips
with homemade mashed potatoes and caramelized onions


1.5 lbs good quality Sirloin meat for tips
1 bottle of  Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki Sauce
5 medium all purpose potatoes
1 medium yellow onion
1 stick of butter
1/2 cup of cold milk
2 tbsp oil (I use vegetable oil)
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Seasonings to taste (I had bought a Feta and Olive dip mix from Target and only use it as a seasoning)

The How To:


The night before, or the morning of, you want to cut up the Sirloin into 2 inch pieces and put them into a tupperware container. Cover with 3/4 of the bottle of teriyaki sauce. You then want to cover the container and place in the fridge for 10-24 hours.

When you come home from work or the gym, take the container out of the fridge and stir the mixture up a bit. Use 1/2 of the stick of butter and melt over medium to high heat. Take out each individual tip and place in the hot melted butter. You can add a little salt and pepper here if you want. Sear each side and then lower the temp to medium and cook until desired doneness, approx. 4 minutes per side for medium. Serve hot and with extra teriyaki sauce.


Heat the oil in a frypan on medium heat. Cut up onions into thin strips and add to hot oil. Add salt and pepper to taste at this point. Continuously stir the onions until soft and almost see through. Add a little hot water to the pan and let the onions cook, stirring continuously, until golden brown and water evaporates. Serve hot.


Wash and peel the potatoes. Cut them into 1/2 inch to 1 inch chunks. Place cut up potatoes into a pot and add cold water until about 1 inch over the potatoes. Bring to a boil and cook until done. They usually are done when you take a fork and pierce a potato and it falls right off the fork or breaks in two. Drain and place back in pan on unlit stove top, and mash up the potatoes with a masher. Matt doesn't have a masher so I had to resort to a fork! Mash them however you want. I like my potatoes to be between a little lumpy and smooth. Stir in milk and butter. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add a bit of the seasonings and give one last stir. Serve warm with extra butter or even a dollop of sour cream.

Now, you don't have to use the seasoning I use here, you can use whatever you like. I don't like to use recipes all that often, and didn't for this dish. This recipe is an approx. of what we did. You can add more or less of any ingredient as well as substitute any if you want. This is just a basic guideline. Play around, have fun, and get crazy with your food! Mostly, enjoy it!

Join the Amanda Jane Cooper Fan Page on Facebook!

Hey Everyone! I am thrillified to Announce that I recently started Amanda Jane Cooper's official fan page on Facebook. I say official because Amanda gave me permission to start it, and is an administrator of the page as am I. The reason I tell you THIS is because there will be no false speculation, innuendo, or of course, outuendo on this page. If you have a FB, and LOVE Amanda, JOIN! :)

A Message From Donna Vivino!

Hey Everyone! Donna sent me an email today, giving me a message to send to her fans (I posted it on the Donna Fan Blog, but I am posting it on here too!)

"Join my FB page where I am doing more writing and updating than on my website! What I miss most about Wicked is meeting people after the show at the stage door -- they are what make it all worthwhile!"

A New Twist On Blogging!

I am going to try something different with my blog for the time being. I am going to be uploading pictures of things that inspire me. A lot of them are going to be ones I find, but some of them are ones that I make myself. I am still going to blog about crazy adventures and great recipes, there is just going to be a bit more to see! So here for my first picture, in lieu of the rain we have been having, I made this! 

So, when you are sad because of the rain, just think, it never rains forever!

Cosmetic Gift Cards Giveaway

Watch my you tube video if you want a chance to win a $25 Gift Card from Sephora.  Im giving away 2 Gift Cards.  For full contest rules and information please watch my video.       

Good Luck Everyone!!

Wicked In Buffalo Review!

I saw Wicked in Buffalo at Shea's PAC on Saturday, May 7th, 2011 at 2pm. It had been over a year since I saw the show last so needless to say I was very excited. I went with My Mom, My Best friend, and my other friend and her family. I wanted to Stage Door before the show, because I wanted to meet absolutley everyone. We ate at the Friday's across the street from the Theatre, and me and my two friends left around 12:20. We ran over to the stage door and waited for the cast to start trickling in. After about 15 minutes of waiting, I saw a black haired woman coming toward the stage door, and I recognized her. "Are you Mariand?" She said "Yes, I am!" "Hi, I'm Kyle, we talk on facebook, we just talked the other day?" "Oh, yeah! Hey Kyle, how are you?!" "I'm great! Are you on today?" "Yeah haha I am!" I asked her to sign my grimmerie picture where I put her head over Idina's (picture will come). She spit out laughter. "Oh my gosh, this is so great! I love this!" She wrote' I'm honored you beheaded Idina for me xo, Mariand Torres' she signed my poster, and program, and then took a picture. "Did that turn out?" "Yeah! I also have something for you!" I gave her the drawing I did of her as Elphaba. She looked at it and said "Oh my... Oh my GOSH, YOU drew this? You're amazing!" "Thanks so much Mariand!" As she signed my stuff, I saw Amanda Jane Cooper walking down, and the only thing I could say was "Oh My God, HI!" She said "Oh, hello! How are you?" "Great! How are you?" "I'm good!" I showed her the picture of her in my Grimmerie where I put a pic of her head over Kristin's. She Laughed very very hard. "I can't think of anything funny to write, I'll just sign it for now." She asked my name and I said "Kyle" and she said "Oh! Kyle (My last name)? I JUST Responded to your letter thank you so much for the support!" "My friend Jonathan told me you were great!" "Oh, thank you so much, I think I actually remember him, he was at the stage door in Ft. Lauderdale!" "Yeah!" "Tell him I said hi!" I then gave her the drawing I did of her, and she said "Oh my GOD, you're so talented! You did this?" "Yeah! Thanks so much!" "Do you want me to sign it, or...?" "No, that's for you!" " Thank you so much!" Mariand then said to Amanda "Oh, he did one for you too? Aren't they phenomenal!?" "Yeah!" I then took a picture with Amanda, and she asked how it turned out. "Great, thanks so much Kyle, enjoy the show! See ya after, I can't believe this picture thanks!" She and Mariand then went in. They were both very nice. After about 5 more minutes of waiting, Randy Danson walked down, and I said "Hey Randy, will you sign this stuff?" "Of Course, how are you?" "Great!" I showed her the Grimmerie picture where I put her head over Carole's, and again, she laughed for quite a few minutes actually, and wrote "Finally where I belong, thank you, Randy Danson" "That's quite funny Kyle..." and Chuckled a bit more. I said "I saw you in the It gets better video, and that was great." and she said "thanks, its a great organization!" (for the record I am not gay, bi or transgender, but I fully support all of the above, and the video they did was awesome) She signed my other stuff, and then posed for a picture, where she made sure to hold the picture that I drew for her up so it was in the picture. I said "I hope I did that costume SOME justice" "Oh, it's great, Its actually my favorite one! Thank You so much, enjoy the show!" After that, my mom, and everyone else joined us at the stage door. Next person down was Terra Lynn Arrington. I said "Hi Terra!" and She looked a bit shocked that I knew her name. I said "I've met you several times before, you're awesome!" and She said, "oh, you're Kyle! When did we last see each other...?" I said "I think it was in Buffalo in 08?" she shook her head, and then I said "Oh, never mind it was Cleveland in 09!" and she said "Uh, yeah Thank you I knew it hadn't been that long, you know i left the tour for a while but I came back cause they needed me, so here I am!" She is one of the nicest people ever. Next down was Brandon Tyler, and I asked him if he was Brandon (I recognized him from the It Gets Better video) and he said he was. I asked him to sign, and he did, and then I got a picture with him. He is a very nice guy! (From Here on, I will not really describe the conversations in detail, for the sake of this not being super long) Next was Lauren Ashley Zakrin. I recognized her, and asked her if she was Lauren. She said yes, and I asked her to sign my Wicked Program, Poster, and Legally Blonde Playbill. She did, and we chatted for a few minutes. She was a very quiet person, but she was very nice, and kindly took a picture with me. Then, she went inside. Next down was Renee Lawless Orsini, who I recognized from the last time I saw her. I asked her if she was Renee, and she stopped and signed, and joked around about how I must be "her stalker" because she was only the midwife, and not that important. I asked her if she got my letter, and she said she thought she did. Then Paul Slade Smith came down, and I asked him to sign, and told him he was an awesome Dr. Dillamond. He was very nice as well. He and Renee took a picture with me, then went in. Next in was a group. Philip Dean Lightstone, Bud Weber, Marissa Lupp, Emily Ferranti and Spencer Jones. I talked to each of the four of them for a couple of minutes, which was nice. They are all so kind. I thanked Marissa a few times etc... I asked Marissa if the Man coming toward the Stage Door was Mark Jacoby and she said it was. I asked him to sign. He said sure! He signed all of the stuff at the table, but had to get inside, so he couldn't talk very much, but he seemed very friendly. Kevin Jordan was next, and we talked for a few minutes. He is a very nice person, and an extremely talented dancer, there were several times I could pick him out. Next in was another group: Napoleon Gladney, Brenda Hamilton, Adam Sanford, Luis Figueroa, and Rick Desloge. They all signed for me, and were very nice, and thanked me for coming, and talked for a few minutes. Adam was very nice, and I had no idea at the time that he was actually on for Boq. They were all very nice :) Next was Colin Hanlon. We talked for a good 5 or 6 minutes, he signed all my stuff, and took a picture. He was very Nice, and an excellent Fiyero. Next was Kelly LaFarga, and she signed, and talked for a bit :) Then Christopher Russo walked in. I asked him if he was Christopher, and he said he was, so i told him he was an awesome Dillamond/Witch's father :) The last ones in were Adea Sessoms, and Allison Leo. They were both very nice, and I talked to Allison about Ugly Betty a bit :) Then we went inside....

The Show Started at two, so we left the stage door at about 1:40 to get inside the theatre. I bought some new stuff, including a Wicked Projector pen, which is like a flashlight that projects the logo. We had 5 understudies, three of whom were for the leads. Mariand for Elphaba, Carla for Nessarose, and Adam for Boq. We had Christopher Russo for the Witch's Father, and Allison Leo for the Witch's Mother. This is officially the most understudies I have ever had at WICKED.

Amanda Jane Cooper was absolutley phenomenal as Glinda. She had the perfect voice for the role. I loved her take on the role. She was very funny, but not as Spazzy as Katie or Chandra. Even though she had only been on with Mariand once before, they had excellent chemistry. She got lots of laughs when she came down in the bubble and began talking. Her voice was very high, and clear, and I have a hard time deciding whether of not she was better than Katie Rose Clarke. She is tied or better. I have yet to decide. Her popular reminded me a lot of Kate Reinders and Megan Hilty, and she had no problems maturing for act two. I was very pleased with her Glinda. When she spun her wand in the catfight, she sang this little high note the whole time, and then let off a loud"HA"! Mariand Torres was absolutley phenomenal as Elphaba. I have no Idea why she has not been asked to lead another company. I love Jackie Burns' Elphaba to death, but I think Mariand is a stronger Elphie. Her voice was flawless. She completley knocked "The Wizard and I" out of the park. She really made me feel sorry for Elphaba. I really saw hurt and anger in her, which was excellent, especially when Fiyero walked over the Bridge with Glinda in "I'm Not That Girl." I had chills all throughout Defying Gravity. Her voice was perfect, and she completley NAILED the High F in the "flying portion" of the song. She was excellent. Her catfight scene was amazing, and she had excellent Chemistry with Amanda there. I loved her NGD and FG as well. She had excellent chemistry with Colin in the final scene as well. Colin Hanlon as Fiyero was hilarious. When he first came in in DTL, I found him very funny, and then he sang, and I was a bit worried he wouldn't be able to hit the higher notes, because it sounded like he was pushing a little. Turns out its just the way his voice sounds, and he completley nailed the song. He was hilarious, and the audience really loved him. He really played up the stupidity, and looked shocked when Mariand told him he was more than he seemed. It was great. Carla Stickler is the best Nessarose I have ever seen. Deedee and Jenny are amazing, and I love them both to death, but Carla was excellent. She played the bitchiness of the part up big time, and Mariand always seemed really hurt by her everytime she spoke to her. In the OzDust Ballroom scene, when Mariand walked in with the hat, Carla looked shocked and embarrassed, and wheeled herself over to the side of the stage. Major props for that one. She really made me dislike Nessarose. She also has the strongest voice of any Nessarose I have ever seen. Adam Sanford as Boq was a surprise. He has a very high voice which I think works very well for the character. He's just this munchkin who doesnt like to get in the way, but really had this drive to be with Glinda. He really seemed to like Nessa at first, and then it just got old for him. By act two, he was just whipped. He was great in the Governer's mansion scene. He doesn't beat Brad for me, but he is a close second. Paul Slade Smith was also awesome as Dr. Dillamond. I thought he was very funny in the classroom scene, and the rest of the audience apparently agreed. He got lots of laughs. In act two, after "Wonderful" there were people crying when he started bleating, and Mariand seemed beyond angry with the Wizard there. I think Paul was EXCELLENT. Randy Danson as Madame Morrible has improved SO much since Cleveland. I loved her there. I thought she was funny, and great, but she was MILES better in Buffalo. She made the whole audience laugh, and her voice filled the room. I think she scared the small kids in front of me, which is her job, so Props to her for that. She openly laughed at Glinda in the OzDust Ballroom scene on "I doubt you will." She looked at her, and then cackled that line. When Dr. Dillamond's replacement came into the classroom, she looked pleased to see him, and then covered it up when Mariand began to protest. She was Brilliant. Mark Jacoby was fantastic as the Wizard. Tied with Lee for my favorite. He has the best singing voice of any of the Wizards I have seen, and had a very good grasp on his character. In Wonderful, he did lots of little hand movements, and acted out what he was singing really well. He spun Mariand around alot which was cool. I was very impressed by him.

The Ensemble was also the best I have ever seen them. Their harmonies were very strong, and they were very loud, which is something I really like in an ensemble. I got chills mostly every single time they sung :) Also, I have never seen a stronger Orchestra. The lights were great as well :)

Stage Door: (I'm leaving lots of the details and some of the conversations out here just keep in mind)

We met some people in the theatre who wanted to go, so at curtain call, we ran out and they followed us. The first person out was Brandon Tyler, who signed all of our stuff, and talked to us, "Did you like the show" "Yeah!" "awesome!" etc.... He brought his family backstage. Next out were Lauren Zakrin, Lauren Boyd, and Emily Ferranti. They asked us all if we enjoyed the show, and we all said yes of course. They all asked how many times I had seen it, and I told them 10 :) They were very impressed. Next was Terra, and Carla. I freaked when I saw Carla. "Hey Carla, you were great!" "Thanks so Much!" "I'm Kyle, we spoke on facebook a few days ago, thanks for the messages!" "Oh No problem, Hey Kyle!!" I gave her the drawing I did for her, and she loved it. I took a picture with her, and she thanked me for coming again, and I said "You were the best Nessarose ever." "Oh, thats so sweet thanks!" Then Terra came over, and said Jokingly "Ok Kyle, how many Playbills am I signing?" She is very very nice. Next, Paul Slade Smith came out, and came down to sign for us. I complimented his performance. "Oh, thanks!" He signed my stuff, and everyone else's then left. Colin Hanlon came out next, and signed, and talked to all of us, and took pictures with people. I told him he was great, and he said "Thanks!" Next out was Amanda Jane Cooper, and she signed all of my stuff, and said "When you said you were in the back of the main floor before the show I was thinking you wouldn't be able to see the bubble! Could You...?" "Yeah, the only thing we couldn't see was the dragon." "Oh, well that's not too bad, the Dragon doesn't have much personality... so it's ok. Hey, Kyle, you might get my mail today! I sent it like two days ago, so it should be there soon!" "How Many times have you been on with Mariand?" "This was my...second time" "Oh wow, you guys were excellent together, didn't she go on the last show in Ft. Lauderdale?" "Yeah! You're really smart!" We took pictures with her, and thanked her. She then blew everyone kisses, and left. We were all waiting for Mariand. The family that came down with us was worrying that she wouldn't come out, but I told them she would. Brandon Tyler's Backstage group came out, and I heard him say "Oh, and this is Mariand who was our Elphaba today..." so I spun around, and Mariand walked out! I gave her a copy of "It's not easy being green" and she laughed, and said "Oh thank you so Much!" She signed MY copy, "To Kyle, from Mariand." She didn't even ask my name and she personalized it! She signed all my other stuff, and I told her she was at the top of my Elphaba list. "Oh, thank you! How many times have you seen it...?" "Ten" "Oh, so you know your stuff then! We talked for a few more mintues, and I kept telling her how great she was, and she kept thanking me. She signed everyone else's stuff, took pictures with us, and then asked "Did I get everyone?" She waved to us all, and then left. On the way back to the car, I stopped in the intermission lounge and grabbed a stack of flyers, and then we headed back to the car. Carla, Brandon, and Terra were walking on the sidewalk behind us. It was an amazing day, and a pretty epic 10th time at Wicked. Cannot wait to see the show again!!!

PICTURES :) Click to Enlarge :)

It's spring time!

Now that it is spring and flowers are starting to bloom, what better way to "bloom" myself than to have some pictures taken? My wonderful boyfriend Matt offered to take the pictures. We drove out to a park overlooking a pond in Cranston, walked around for a bit, and then started shooting. I was very nervous at first, not knowing whether to pose or just be natural. After about 10 minutes behind the camera, and many shots later, that nervousness subsided. We spent about 45 minutes taking shots in various places and different outfits. Unfortunately it was cloudy and the sun started to set forcing us to cut out photo sesh to a hault. Instead we packed up shop and drove back to his place to start the "editing" process. I can't tell you exactly what he did to the pictures, all I can say is that it wasn't much and that the pictures came out amazing! So after further a due, here are the pictures! Enjoy!

 Matt loved this one, so I kept it!

This one is my favorite!


Wicked on Broadway, and the National Tours are Nominated for favorite long Running Musical! Vote before Midnight on the 12th! Vote Here

Felicia Ricci to Publish Wicked Memoir THIS summer!

HEY everyone, the Stupendous San Francisco Elphaba standby, Felicia Ricci, sent me an email, telling me of her new Untitled Book, which will be released this summer! The Website for the Book is

Check it Out, and Keep checking back for updates!!