$3.99 bottles of wine and friends

I am having a hard time expressing how I feel today. I am not entirely sure why. After this past week I am extremely exhausted. I moved into the apartment this week! Finally! But, I got hurt on Monday at work, and therefore I can't unpack my things! My room is such a mess right now and I feel very cluttered and it's making me nuts! The apartment is the shit! It's huge and I pay next to nothing to live here! My roommates are awesome! My life has finally come together!

I had the chance to meet up with an old friend this past week also. It was nice to know that everything that happened can now be put behind us. Like I said, it's water under the bridge!

I dont have much else to write about today, sorry! Just remember life is love, and it's a wonderful thing! Stay classy blogger babies!

Shawna Marie

Julie Reiber Temporarily Returns to the Role of Elphaba standby on Broadway.

Julie Reiber, the former standby fro Elphaba is BACK IN WICKED. She returns to the role of Elphaba s/b for at least 6 weeks. Jennifer DiNoia, the Normal s/b is going Down Under, to temporarily perform in the Sydney Company of Wicked, as the Standby, while Jemma Rix, the Normal Standby in Sydney, tamporarily moves up to principle Elphaba, while Normal Elphaba Amanda Harrison recovers from being ill...