Carrie Manolakos, the Original 2nd tour Standby for Elphaba will replace Vicki Noon as Elphaba S/B next week in San Francisco playing the part for Several Weeks before returning to NYC (not for Wicked) Congrats Carrie!

Marcie Dodd extends contract.

Yup, title explains it.

Also, People you need to stop leaving comments like "you are behind." and "this is old news" Iis not helpful. I am very busy, and I update my blog every time I get a free moment. Please Bear with me... Thanks. :D

Nothing announced about Marcie Dodd!

Hi, Nothing has been announced as to who is replacing Marcie, or if she is even leaving. Thank You.

Cast Change News

Mandy GOnzalez to Replace Dee Roscioli on March 23rd! Yay!
1st National Tour:
Justin Brill Replaced Ben Liebert Yesterday as Boq! Congratulotions!
2nd National Tour:
Natalie Daradich to Replace Helene Yorke as Glinda on March 10th
Chris Peluso To Replace Colin Donnell as Fiyero on March 10th
Anne Brummel to replace Carrie Manolakos as S/B Elphaba on March 10th
Christine Dwyer to replace Anne Brummel as U/S Elphaba on March 10th

"In The Heights Star to take New Heights in WICKED"

Original In The Heights Nina Rosario, Mandy Gonzalez will replace Dee Roscioli as Elphaba in Broadway's WICKED oon March 23, 2010!

And the beat goes go...

Ahh it has been too long since I have blogged last. I don't really have that much to say. I did go back to work, only to get maybe 10 hrs a week. I can't live on that, I need to pay rent. Speaking of rent, Alaura is moving in on March 1st! Just in time for my birthday! yayy! I feel like the years are just flying by. I want them to slow down. Just another reason to savor each moment we have! Yep, well like I said I don't have too much to write about today, just wanted to let ya'll know that I'm still alive and I'm taking it day by day!!! Life is love, ad it's a wonderful thing! Until next time babies!

Shawna Maire

Amanda Harrison Quits Wicked

Sydney's original Elphaba, Amanda Harrison, Has decided to leave the role earlier than expected. She claimed that the role took too much out of her emotionally, physically, and spritually, and she needed to leave to perserve her voice. She will be missed!

Chris Peluso to Replace Colin Donnell as Fiyero March 2nd.

Chris Peluso himself confirmed that He Will Replace Colin Donnell as Fiyero on March 2, 2010 on the 2nd tour! Congrats!

Natalie Daradich to Replace Helene Yorke in WICKED?

According to Etai Benshlomo, Wicked San Fran's New Boq, Natalie Daradich will replace Helene Yorke in WICKED as Glinda, for a date TBA. Yay!

Eden Espinosa to return again to the Role of Elphaba in San Francisco.

Eden Espinosa will return yet again to the Role Of Elphaba in WICKED, beginning March 2nd after Teal Wicks Departs in the role. Eden was the Original Standby for Elphaba in the OBC of WICKED, and Replaced Shoshana Bean on Broadway. She did a 6 week engagement on the National Tour during SJB' injruy and Originated and Closed out the LA run. Congrats Eden! We "Couldnt be happier" that one of "Oz's favorite teams" (Eden and Kendra) will be reunited!