I'm Seeing Wicked!!!

In Buffalo with the First National Tour! I always feel like I'm announcing a pregnancy when I post. No date for my trip has been set, but it will probably be sometime in May!! So Excited!!!

Brummel, Dwyer, and Harris to be the "three Elphies" on 2NT Starting January 26, 2011

THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE POSTED EARLIER BUT MY COMPUTER WAS BEING ANNOYING. For those who have not heard, Anne Brummel is oficcially set to replace Vicki Noon as Elphaba on Tour 2 on January 26,2011. Replacing her as Standby, will be current understudy Christine Dwyer. Replacing HER will be newcomer Laurel Harris. Good luck to all three of them! Can't wait to see what is next for Vicki! Pictures will come soon on this post :)