Teal Wicks to Play Elphaba in Original San Fransisco Company of WICKED

There has been some news that Teal Wicks, the Current Elphaba, and previous standby for Elphaba in LA, will originate the role of Elphaba in WICKED San Fransisco. I was told by a very reliable source that this came OUT OF TEAL'S MOUTH at the Stage door. I'll keep ya posted!
P. J. Benjamin has replaced Lenny Wolpe as the Wizard in the Broadway production of WICKED. Benjamin, as most of you know, played the Wizard on the WICKED National Tour, and I saw him twice.. He is very good, you will enjoy his performance...

Here are SOME of the shots I got In Buffalo

The Poster I got signed Before the show

The Souvenir Program I got signed after the show

My Signed Grimmerie Page From Joe Dulude II

My Signed Grimmerie Page From Carmen Cusack

My Signed Grimmerie Photo from Brad Weinstock

My Signed Grimmerie from Carmen and Meggie

Me and Alma Cuervo

Me and Brad

Me and Donna Vivino

Me and Carmen Cusack

Me and Meggie Cansler

Stage Door Sign