Loose curls

Tender care for the wavy hair
Beautiful wavy hair attracts men’s attention, brings a certain charm to its owner and is disheveled and chaotically arranged at the same time…
Many women tend to overlook these specific characteristics of the curly hair and purposefully try to change and “tame” it until it is ruined.
Hair straighteners, wax, frequent re-coloring, and daily washing – all of these cause hair damage that is practically inevitable and can turn you into victim of your own vanity.
Women are inclined to undervalue their natural look and always strive for another aesthetic image, which most often proves to be destructive to the appearance.
“Hair-style and hair-color don’t depend on fashion trends, as they are a lifestyle”. “Dress down” and don’t be ashamed of your naturalness. Instead of following all vagaries of fashion, try and find the image that best suits your personality and doesn’t go against your “natural looks”.
In order to feel comfortable “in your own hair”, follow these simple tips: re-discover wavy hair, learn how to properly care for it and you will fall in love with your loose curls.