Teal Wicks, the powerhouse Elphaba in San Fransisco's WICKED is back after over a month of vocal rest, away from the role of Elphaba. Teal's Standby, Vicki Noon, has covered her for the past couple of weeks, with Merideth Kaye Clark and Dee Roscioli coming over to help out, assuming the role of standby while Vicki was on for so long. Angel Reda, I believe also performed a few times. Props to all 5 of them, Teal for coming back so wonderfully, Merideth for Leaving the tour to help out, then returning to the tour, Dee for taking her own time to come and help, Angel for coming in when needed, Vicki for beeing a trooper for the last couple of weeks, and Stephanie Torns for covering Donna Vivino while Merideth was away. You al Rock! Thanks for keeping SF strong!