And I also keep hitting the send button and sending my blogs too soon! Oops! Well as I was saying, I havnt been writing because I have been super busy. It sucks working from 10am to 830pm everyday. BUT, it pays the bills!
So, Alaura and myself are seriously considering joining the military! I know I just said that my life is changing for good, but it doesn't mean I dont want more for myself. By joining the military I can ventrue off this little piece of rock and see big things. See great things. I can help people in need, and that's my ultimate life goal, to help people! We were thinking either navy or airforce! If I join the navy I will become a navy nurse, and if I join the airforce I will want to become a pilot, a fighter pilot to be exact!! Now that I have found out that I have 20 20 vision I most certainly can!!
I am going to jump from subject to subject today so please bare with me! When I went to bed last night I remember having a dream about puppies, then I woke up at 4am and fell back asleep and had a dream about Michael Myers...WTF? How can I dream about puppies one minute then dream about a killer while unconsciously knowing it was Halloween! It was the weirdest thing! Good thing I woke up before I died! Phhhhhhh! Ah yes tonite is Halloween night and I can not wait! It's going to be an epic night to say the least!! Well it's time to go move!!! Life is love and it's a wonderful thing!! Cheers for Halloween my bloggers!!!