Dollface Cosmetics

For almost 3 months now of researching on the internet about the high end and low end makeup products, I decided that I needed to start building my makeup kit on a low end first and practice. Yesterday, out of excitement of having to own one from Coastal Scents, I decided to go to Rockwell Powerplant Mall, Makati (PHIL). I heard that Dollface Cosmetics are selling those there. (if I have the option to buy a product in the mall or some kiosks I'd buy it. The satisfaction of seeing for yourself the product first before you buy it is of importance to me. Well, that is if I have time.) Going back to my story telling, I thought I need to withdraw some cash in case I would eye on some products I might like since I am starting to build my professional makeup kit. To my dismay, in front of the atm machine... I don't have the card on my bag! Arrgh! I forgot it. *tears* Level of excitement - drop to 0....

Lesson learned. Being impulsive sometimes never helps. Got a message that I shouldn't rush things, wait, and there is a good time to buy those.

Today, Mar-10-2010, the nostalgia never fades. I want to have those palettes! Browsing online, I found out that Dollface Cosmetics is also selling makeup sets and they can be delivered within 24-48 hrs! Yey! So I sent a private message regarding my order and if I get to pay it today I will have them delivered on Friday. But wait! There's more!

Good thing I am a multi-tasker though, while chatting with the proprietor, I found out that there will be a bazaar (US Girls) this weekend in Trinoma Mall at QC and Dollface Cosmetics is there too! Yipee! I am on leave this Saturday! How about that? Everything is falling into place!

I admired 'swtangel's' patience on her customers like me pickling on whether I'd order it online and have the makeup set delivered or go to the bazaar and pick up the products for myself. *Think* Friday if I order online? or Saturday and buy it on there? A day difference, however, I have to commute going there. Oh well, I didn't mind because I am a mall rat. I told her that I'll just go to the bazaar and buy it, but I needed to go there early morning to make sure the availability of stocks. Isn't that nice? I am looking forward to have those makeups on Sat! Can't wait! I am excited! Now the universe is with me. Lucky to those who wait.