Be An Innovator!

I love it when I stumble across an entrepreneur that makes a successful business and a lifestyle out of an idea that, simply put, came out of nowhere.  Innovative ideas are the basis for all successful business, but those that actually create a concept that sticks are the ones that make it big.

One such example is Facebook.  Who would have thought that an online social forum would have reached such amazing proportions.  Or how about Yahoo and Google... Given the shear size of our Internet, who would have thought to tackle organizing of the plethora of information. 

Some entrepreneurs are putting together tours to the moon.  The pet rock concept - was that too far off?  There is so much out there left to be discovered, created and explored and for some reason we see so much of the same in small business.  Not to put down the everyday business idea you are passionate about, but where is the creativity? 

Years and years ago, problem solving was at the root of new business.  Levi Strauss created a company out of shear need in a time of turmoil and war.  Creating a means of transportation, better communication, and improved, scalable technology platforms have made many a millionaire.  The common thread is they all solved a problem not many were thinking about, but most felt existed in a very uncomfortable way.

A great site to visit for inspiring ideas is  I call it the "Believe it or Not" of the business world, where inventors and innovators come together to make the unlikely successful and in many cases, profitable!  Check it out and let me know what you think.  There are some pretty amazing business concepts and actual businesses which may inspire you to do something a little different from the rest of the entrepreneurs out there!

So, the lesson of the day is "don't be afraid to step outside of the box".  You might be pleasantly surprised at how many people step outside and join you!

To your success!

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