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I stumbled on this article online by Vince White-Petteruti that I thought you would find interesting. What I love is the author's emphasis on the myth that people get into business just to make money. In my many months of web advertising, I have created a presence online and it's amazing how many posts I get about how to make tons of money doing their great idea. I delete post after post about getting rich, and discovering the secrets of the millionaires...ooohhh. What I have to say to them is "You are missing the point, guys!"

Entrepreneurs who make it are those that do what they do to create something that solves a problem. They feel good about what they do at the end of the day. They want to leave a footprint in the sand, teach their kids good business and even better ethics. The point is to make a difference and do what you love and STILL make money! I used to make a ton of money in a industry I did not believe was doing the right thing for my customers and I got out and started over. I do what I do now to help people find an idea they love, and make the money they want while doing THAT SPECIFIC THING. This is what I believe God intended for me to do and that is what I now do for money.

So, check out the article below. Pay close attention to the myths and take it to heart... they are myths. Also "research"! Do your homework, and never believe that your dream is impossible or that it's too late.

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Longboards and the entrepreneurial spirit SummitDaily.com

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