Welcome to my blog

Hi Everybody!

This is my new place and I am glad you have come to visit.  Years ago before the computer age, I used to keep a diary and I haven't done that in a while.  So, I will consider this blog my diary.  I have a lot of business experiences...some good and some not so good... so I would love to share that with you to lead you to the right path and steer you clear of the disasters.  My passion is to help "entrepreneurs with potential".  I say "potential" not because there is anything that would disqualify you from achieving business ownership, but so that it is 100% clear that you own your opportunities and you have to MAKE your potential.  This is a tough world in the midst of a tough time.  If you want success, you can still have it and I would love to show you how.  The rest is up to you.  Just understand it will never be easy and it's not going to happen overnight.  So if you're interested in everything from how to get started, to marketing, Internet presence, networking, conceptualizing, raising capital or even working from home... this is the place to be. 

My specific tool or medium at this time is skin care.  It's what I am personally passionate about and includes cosmetics, wellness and weight management.  All of these things are crucial to life and to our self esteem and I am passionate about the lives I change with amazing products partnered with business savvy.  I will be discussing both in my blog.  Feel free to chime in, say "Hi", disagree, and contribute thought provoking conversation.  Just keep it professional and pleasant, even when we agree to disagree.

So, thanks for being here! 
To your health and success!


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