Mac Venomous Villains

I was soooooo excited for this Mac Venomous Villains collection to come out.  I heart Mac and Disney so of course I love this collection.

There are 4 Villains in this collection. Unfortunately, I could only get a couple of items from this collection, because everything sold out.  So, these are the items I could get my hands on.

Cruella De Vil, from Disney's 1961 101 Dalmatians.  The only thing I got from this Villain is Mac's eye shadow in Carbon, which is in there permanent line.  It is a intense black.

Evil Queen, from Disney's 1937 Snow White.  I got the vain queen's eyeshadow in Her Alter Image, which is a light violet.  This color is Limited Edition.

Maleificent, from 1959's Sleeping Beauty.  From the "Mistress Of All Evil" I got Briar Rose Beauty Powder.  Which is a soft violet pink with pearl.  And if a special limited edition.



Dr. Facilier, the voodoo witch doctor from the 2009 The Princess And The Frog.  I got Mac's Melon Pigment, which is a soft bright golden peach.  And is in there permanent collection.  I also purchased I'm So Vain Mirror.  A black round compact featuring 2 mirrors:regular/magnify.  With Dr. Facilier decorating the limited edition mirror.

MAC Pigment Melon

Feel free to comment on what you got from the collection or what you think about it.  Comment below.