Boys will be boys

Last night I accompanied Matt to his band practice and decided I would bring my laptop with me. I was fiddling around on it for a while, when I thought to organize all my pictures. I like order, and when I saw the folders in disarray I told myself I would not stop until it was finished, or so I thought. I was in the middle of fixing this clutter when Brian and Quinn, two of Matt's friends, asked why I was always on the computer. I explained that this time I was organizing pictures, and that every other time I am writing in my blog. They then proceeded to make fun of me for about two minutes and said I should blog about them. I whipped out the notepad on my laptop and started typing what they told me to type. This is what they said verbatim:

" I must blog about Brian and Quinn. I must blog about their political views, which are non existent. They have sweet shoes. Brian wears his gym clothes to band practice. He does not wash these said gym clothes. Quinn thinks that women's pumas are gnarly. Gnarls Barkley. They think that whales are mammals. Mandibles. Masticate. Kangaroos can not hop backwards. Clown fish can change sexes. And, Everybody Loves Raymond."

I don't even know what to say after that. I will just say that this is a blog post. Stay tuned for more recipes, adventures, and inspirations!