It's spring time!

Now that it is spring and flowers are starting to bloom, what better way to "bloom" myself than to have some pictures taken? My wonderful boyfriend Matt offered to take the pictures. We drove out to a park overlooking a pond in Cranston, walked around for a bit, and then started shooting. I was very nervous at first, not knowing whether to pose or just be natural. After about 10 minutes behind the camera, and many shots later, that nervousness subsided. We spent about 45 minutes taking shots in various places and different outfits. Unfortunately it was cloudy and the sun started to set forcing us to cut out photo sesh to a hault. Instead we packed up shop and drove back to his place to start the "editing" process. I can't tell you exactly what he did to the pictures, all I can say is that it wasn't much and that the pictures came out amazing! So after further a due, here are the pictures! Enjoy!

 Matt loved this one, so I kept it!

This one is my favorite!