Just a quick note!

Hey y'all! I just wanted to write a quick post as to how my weekend was. I KNOW I said that I was going to post more pictures from my hiking adventures, but I just haven't got around to it. I promise that they will be up shortly!

So, as to my weekend. Friday night Matt and I went to Miller's for a few drinks. We were going to go to the new Fat belly's next to the Warwick Mall, but when we drove by it looked extremely packed. Miller's it was! We had some Guinness and played a few rounds of pool, but decided to leave due to the extreme temps it was inside. Well, that and some creepy newly 21 kid who looked like he was on many drugs was looking at me like I was the new dog in heat at the kennel. Matt noticed him first and turned around to see this kid just leaning up against a pole glaring at me. It made me feel so gross, so we left. As we got in the car, we decided we would go to Fat Belly's anyway. Let me just tell y'all, it was sooo much cooler in there than Miller's had been. They also had live music, a young guy named Jacob played.
 { Matt had a man crush!! }
While we were there I saw one of my old friends Alicia. I used to work with her at Texas Roadhouse, and I hadn't seen her since I stopped working there. It was such a nice surprise! Thanks to Matt for handling the few moments of gossip!! Hey, we're girls and we haven't seen each other in a couple years. A LOT of things have happened! I shall be seeing her soon!  Matt and I then left because we were getting tired.

Saturday we hung around the house. Watched movies and ate Chinese! Chinese food picnics in front of the tv are my fav! Ohhh, I also researched how to make homemade wine and we are def going to try and make some! That will be an interesting post! We also found out that we can stream movies directly from my computer to his Xbox wirelessly!!! How awesome is that! We watched The Pianist, without the subtitles { totally my fault!! }, and TOP GUN!! I have to say Top Gun is one my top 5 of favorite movies! Soo good! We didn't stay up too too late though because we had to be up early to go to the beach the next morning.

So Sunday morning we wake up around 7. OKAY, okay, so I woke up at 7:30, he woke up at 7 when the alarm went off! We got to our friend Taylor's house for 8 and left for the beach. We were going to East Beach in Charlestown, a beach in which none of us had ever been to. It was beautiful out! Don't worry, we did put on our 35 SPF sunblock! The weirdest thing about this beach is that we found little sea creatures washing up on shore. Taylor said they were just exoskeletons. that is until I picked one up AND IT STARTED MOVING. They definitely weren't just the exoskeleton of a sea creature. Of course, I screamed and dropped it as I ran away. I am such a girl, I KNOW! We then layed out and caught some rays, walked the beach, played in the water. Although, I could only go in the water if I was on Matt's back. Y'all, I don't know what is on the bottom of the ocean and I'll be darned if I am going to let me feet touch it! I brought the book I am currently reading with me! It is such a good book! You can find the author's blog here. 

Like I said, such a good book!

So anywho. We packed up all our stuff because we were starving and made our way over to Rhodey Joe's restaurant, about 45 minutes away. As we pull into a parking space, I realize the unthinkable. I LEFT MY BAG IN THE BEACH PARKING LOT. It would be okay if there was just a towel in the bag, but my clutch was in it as well. I had put the bag down on the ground to open all the doors to the car. I can't believe I forgot it. We had to drive back to the beach and then drive back to the restaurant. Thank goodness boys are so patient with me!! It def was a blonde moment! Finally when we got back to the restaurant we ordered $5 pitchers of Narragansett, 25 cent wings, and chowder and clam cakes!! YUM! We spent about 2 hours there telling stories from our past { and some being very recent }! I had such a good time! I haven't laughed so hard in my life! Later that night Taylor came over and we all had Parmesan chicken and pasta with veggies and watched Scott Pilgrim. 

This weekend turned out to be awesome! Saw an old friend, hung out with Taylor, and of course my lovah!!! Weekends like these need to exist all the time!!