Tons and tons of makeup!

Hey y'all! I may have said it before, but just to clarify I will say it again. I am OBSESSED with makeup! Ever since I was a little girl. When I was little I would constantly be trying on my mom's makeup in the bathroom. My parents even started buying me baskets and baskets full of every kind of makeup imaginable for Christmas. { They are not  fully aware my obsession might have stemmed from that :) }. Even when I first started working all my money went to makeup and shoes. I also have a shoe obsession, but that is a whole other post! HEY, I am only human, and female!! 

Lately I have been on the hunt for some awesome makeup palettes. I found this great little website. They have sooo much makeup and it is really cheap. I know that us girls don't like to buy makeup that is cheap for fear it is going to really stink. But let me tell you, this makeup is not. I was, like any first timer to the site, nervous as to the quality I was going to get. My order was only $24.95 for everything. Here is a picture of everything I bought:

Can you believe I got all of this for under $25? Amazing huh?! I have been using some of the 100 palette and couple colors from one of the 32 palettes, but that's it. There are just too many colors to even think about experimenting. I must go into doing my makeup with a game plan, because if I don't I sort of just sit there for about 30 minutes and stare at the palettes! The makeup itself is incredible. It is such good quality. I will admit that I have gone to bed without washing my face { HEY, we all get lazy! } and when I woke up the makeup was still there as if I had just put it on. Some very high quality makeup doesn't even do that. So ladies, if you are looking for cheap good quality makeup with staying power, head over to this little website and pick yourself up some!! You wont be disappointed, I promise!! :)