Goodbye Natalie Daradich and Michelle London!

Natalie Daradich and Michelle London take their final bows tonight on the 2nd National Tour in Pittsburgh as Glinda and Nessarose respectively. Natalie was a part of the original Los Angeles, opening in 2007, as an ensemble member and understudy for Nessarose. She later was made an understudy for Glinda. She remained in the ensemble until November 2008, when she replaced Emily Rozek as the standby for Glinda, and closed out the LA company as the standby. She transferred with the show to San Francisco as the Standby for Glinda and Nessarose, departing the San Francisco company in February 2010 to replace Helené Yorke as Glinda on the 2nd National Tour. While playing *full time* Glinda,She has starred opposite Marcie Dodd, Vicki Noon, and Anne Brummel, and performed opposite Christine Dwyer and Laurel Harris. Michelle London first joined the show in Summer 2008, with the Chicago company as an ensemble member and understudy for Glinda. She transferred to the 2nd National tour when it first opened as u/s Glinda and Nessarose. She temporarily replaced Kristine Reese as Nessarose in early 2010, and then returned to her normal track. She temporarily replaced Brynn O' Malley as Nessarose on the 1st National Tour, and then returned to the 2nd Tour as Nessa in October 2010. Best Witches to both ladies, and to their replacements Tiffany Haas, and Emily Ferranti! :)