Kendra Kassebaum and Teal Wicks will Play Glinda and Elphaba In San Fransisco

Teal Wicks, the Amazing Elphaba, and previously Caissie Levy's Standby in the LA Company of Wicked, and the Fantastic Kendra Kassebaum will Play Glinda in the Original San Fransisco Company of Wicked. Joining them are Carol Kane, the Current LA Morrible, Original Tour, and LA Morrible. And David Garrison, the original Touring Wizard. Nicholas Dromard Will Play Fiyero, Eddy Rioseco will Play Boq, Natalie Daradich will be Kendra's Standby, and Vicki Noon will be Teal's Standby, and the rest of the cast will be figured out soon.