2010 is a new year...

Ahhh, 2010 finally came to grace us with her presence! A new year. A new decade. A new chance to start off the way you want to. Hopefully we all don't lose motivation on our new found goals this year. I haven't yet thought of a New Year's resolution, but I'm sure one will come to me soon!

What is the reason for a New Year's resolution anyway? If you want to stop smoking, why wait until the new year? If you want to lost 10 or even 15 pounds, why wait until the new year? I have heard numerous times at holiday parties by people who struggle with weight, "I can eat all I want now because come the new year I'm on a diet". Ahem, that just poor decision making right there. If you say that this year, you are most definitely going to say that next year. Why not watch what you eat all year long therefor you don't have to crash diet at the beginning of the year. Stuff like this just boggles my mind! But I digress.

A New Year's resolution shouldn't be something you can change on the outside. It should be something meaningful and something you can really appreciate. For instance, if you missed your son's hockey games this year say "hey i'm going to make it to at least one game a week". It really is that simple. If you're slacking at work you can work harder, better, and longer or even towards a promotion. A New Year's resolution should be something you can do for yourself on the inside, more mindset than anything. Take a yoga class to help with anger issues, do reiki to help with small health issues, anything that will help the inner being of yourself.

We have to take care of ourselves this year. We have to change the way we are. We have to become one with the earth again. We are so hyped on new gizmos and gadgets that we fail to see what is happening in the world around us. When we ignore the fact that there is an issue with the way we treat the world as well as others, we are only failing ourselves and our future offspring. It's your call, but I say lets change ourselves and make the world a better place again. It might just be the hippie in me talking but I think it's a good plan!

This past year has proven to be an up and down year for me. From family to my friends and the guys I dated, relationships came and went. I met a lot of great new people this year, and I am thankful I have. I am even thankful for the ones that didn't end up so good, or the way I wanted them to. Things happen for a reason and you can't dwell on life's little bumps. Life does go on! Like I said, this is a new year. A new relationship so to speak. A new start. So start something good! Life is love, and it's a wonderful thing!

Shawna Marie