Passionate about MAKEUP in 2010

I don't know if the year of the tiger has anything to do with my goal setting. I decided to pursue on something I always wanted to do. This 2010, I aim to get serious on my passion in makeup artistry. Since I have a strong desire to help people look and feel their best, I thought that this is a great sign that makeup artistry is the right choice for me. I am channeling my direction towards looking for a lucrative part-time hobby that allows me to express my creativity while helping people.

I've always loved makeup and have found myself drawn to the beauty pages in the fashion magazines. I would like to focus my career on makeup artistry.The good thing about makeup artists is that they love their jobs. They rarely regret choosing this creative, challenging and often well paid job. I envy them since they have the opportunity to work alongside highly skilled and often famous people. They get to collect a wide array of beauty high end products. To add, they also travel internationally and enjoy a high degree of control, of where and when they work. They are appreciated as people. As makeup artists you will be appreciated for your contributions since they are involved in the most important days of people's lives.

Hey this is what I always wanted to do!
Rewarding job with flexible hours. Freedom of being your own boss and I take things at my own pace. I will be working with people. My creativity will be at work all the time. Helping people bring out their best and conceal their less than best. Making people feel good about themselves is one of the most rewarding aspects of makeup artist's job.

So here, you can see articles, pictures and videos on makeup and anything that has to do with it. I will share my experiences as I go through my course in studying makeup artistry. I am no expert, I am a self-starter but I aim to be one soon.