America the beatiful!

PFC Andrew Haley
Andrew got to MCT at Camp Lejeune, NC today. He will be there for 29 days learning about combat and really big guns. After that he is going to Pensacola, FL for job training for about 4 months. When he is there he will learn what his duty station will be, but then will also be sent to C school for more in depth job training. I wont get to see him until maybe October when he comes home after regular job training, and after that I have no idea. Its sad but I know he is doing this to serve our country and better himself! I am very happy for him. Although I will miss him, I will see him soon! Good luck Andrew!!!

UPDATE: 5/18/2010-
     Andrew graduated from MCT today. He is on a bus right now taking the 14 hour journey to Pensacola FL for his MOS. He is going to be training to be a Fixed Wing Mainframe Aircraft Mechanic. And breath, lol! Basically he will be working on the outside of airplanes. I also know that he gets to have his phone with him now, and he can write as well, so I will be hearing from him more often and I can call him! Hopefully everything goes well and I should see him in about 4 months! Good luck Andrew!!!

So if anyone knows someone in the military whether it be a friend, a spouse, or family member, take the time today to think about the good they are doing. Think about how proud of them you are. If they were KIA then think about how great of a person they were, how much you still love them, and how much they sacrificed for us. We as Americans should be thinking about our military and our freedom everyday. Not just on the over-hyped 4th of July. Our military risk their lives everyday for us, so the least we can do is think about them everyday. I know I do. Until next time bloggers!

Shawna Marie