A new mode of transportation

So as most of you know i have been on the hunt in search of a new vehicle. I have had many possibilities, but they always turned out not how I wanted them to. I even traveled almost 2 hours away to look at a prospect. After weeks of searching and being vehicle-less I have great news! I bought a car! I was on my way back from seeing a Jetta, and I decided to look on Craigs list for more potentials. I searched and searched and I was about to give up for the day when I saw a brand new ad up. It said 2000 Hyndai Accent, so I clicked on it. There was no picture but the car had not that many miles on it, was not that expensive, was minutes away from my house, and there was also a number I could call instead of waiting for an email. I decided I would just to see if they still had it, and luckily they did. We met up an hour later so I could look at it and test drive it. It was perfect. The man wanted $1800 for it but I said I would give him $1600 cash right then and there and he agreed to that amount! I handed him the money and I filled out the bill of sale! The car was officially mine! I had just made the biggest purchase off my life up to date! Now I bet you are wondering what the car looks like. Fear not as I will show you!

Now I know it's not the Tiburon that I wanted, but this car is very economical. It's a 4 cylinder and will get great gas mileage! I am very excited for my new purchase! After all, it's just about a girl.

shawna marie