Dream Big

Don't be afraid to dream big. Find something you love & do it w/ passion. Believe in yourself & never give up - Sheryl Ng (22 y.o. 5 yr Visual Arts & Education student, Owner-http://pincstuff.com, makeup guru, teacher)

I was inspired by her, she's an artist, juggling tasks in finishing school making sure she finishes her course and finished it in the dean's honor list while running her personalized business - by personalized i mean she does all the aspects of it - handmade prodts, delivery, purchasing, accounting, PR & cust service), she manages to posts and share her passion. i tried to watch 2 or 3 or her videos...now I am trying to watch all of her posts. Greatest inspiration: Vincent Van Gogh - we all knw that Gogh didn't sold any of his art pieces not until he died, so Sheryl was inspired to keep on going & never give up on her dreams despite of the challenges & critics that may come along the way. Despite of her young age, she manages to do all of the things she loved. Time management is the KEY accdg to her. Visit her website @ http://www.pincstuff.com or you can watch her @ youtube - http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=pincstuff#g/u