Finding an alternative for pricey eye shadow primers

I've heard a lot about Urban Decay's Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance and was adamant to buy it because they are pricey for me at the moment, since I am still practicing makeup on my own. But I know in time that I'll have to buy those. For the meantime, while finding a cheaper shadow primers, I find my way through Sheryl Ng's channel in youtube. She made a video on how to make eyeshadow primer. I don't know if she is the first one to posts such kind..? but I searched it on youtube and she was the oldest to posts (but if you found the oldest that's good too! researching really helps your inquisitive mind ryt?!).

So, since I am kinda new to this shadow primer thing and quite surprised that you can actually use a concealer mixed with a body butter (or moisturizer instead) to make a primer of your eye shadow..? Isn't that a saver - saviour? ^_^

Well enough of my here.

She have these ready:
-Empty Jar (like the size of an empty small mineral makeup jar)
-White Body Butter

Here's how she did the primer:
Put the concealer into the empty jar, I'd think half of the empty mineral jar - just enough to fill it in with the body butter. Then, put some body butter and mix it into the concealer. Mix it well with a toothpick.

So there! You have your cheap shadow primer that you can basically find the 2 main products on your makeup kit.

You can also watch the video of of her making this on

I may have to buy those pricey primers to have a hands on comparison on this DIY shadow primer...but Sheryl Ng (the one who made the video) swatched it on her hand and showed how it turned out using an Urban Decay Primer Potion, the DIY shadow primer and just the basic application of an eyeshadow without a primer. It turns out that the DIY shadow primer shows almost the same as the UDPP. But personally I want to use the DIY shadow primer on my daily makeup look not and on special occasions like weddings. I guess if you just run out of product it will be an alternative way and if you are on a low budget, for a moment, you may opt to use this DIY shadow primer as an alternative.

It's actually 3:30am and still in front of my computer, haven't sleep yet. I just finished watching like 10-12 of her videos...! (got hooked up) So.. I'll sleep first and try to do this DIY shadow primer later in the morning. And write on my thoughts about it. Ohhh... still can't stop thinking on buying the UDPP and Too Faced Shadow Primer...! Hee-hee-hee! but I gotta try this first!