Makeup Look # 2: Hot Pink and Lime Green Leopard Print Eyes

I used the eyeshadow primer that I made, and I was quite happy how it turned out on my eyes. It made the colors pop! Though the product (CS eyeshadow) is highly-pigmented, you really need a primer to have the eyeshadow lasts longer. It helps the shadow not to crease on your lids. You can check on my blog, how I did the eyeshadow primer.

Excuse my lighting pls... ^---^ I don't have those flashy cameras and I am the only one who took the pictures in our room.

For the eye makeup, I use the coastal scents palette - the lime green, gel liner to line my eyelids, light lip color and the blush was a hot pink with a purple undertone on my cheeks.

I really enjoyed doing this, especially the combination of colors (hot pink and lime green). Project and Emote!